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Interactive Menu is the perfect solution for contactless ordering, keeping your guests and staff safe. 

Your guests will be able to social distance, and not have to touch a menu, by simply scanning the QR code and getting the Interactive Menu directly on their own personal cellular device without having to download an application. With the menu at their fingertips, they can browse and place their order in a contactless environment, allowing social distancing measures.

The Mobile Menu will always reflect the exact version of your menu. Any changes you make are reflected on the QR immediately to make sure that all guests are informed accurately.

Delivery or Pick-Up Orders

Take Advance Contactless Payments!

Allow customers to make the payment for their orders through the Mobile Menu and never deal with cash or credit cards again! Customers can pay online via credit card for their take-out or delivery meal . Once an order is placed you will be notified

The Mobile Menu can also be shared on social media platforms, websites and through WhatsApp.

Dine-in Orders

Make the ordering experience faster, cleaner and more intuitive with our fully customizable  mobile digital menu. Not only  does it display your menu beautifully but also automatically suggests   add-ons and promotes upcoming events  or specials.


Print the Mobile Menu QR code display to allow guests to view your menu when they’re at the restaurant. The Mobile Menu    has the added benefit of being able to share on any social media platform. No more cleaning of dirty menus or wasteful printing costs!

We offer 3 options for dine in menus. Read on to discover them.

Option 1

Our first option offers the ability to create visually pleasing text driven menus. Our platform allows you to modify colours and fonts to reflect your existing branding.  

Your new Interactive Menu is easy to navigate. Guests do not have to browse through the entire menu, instead they can select their desired category and choose the meal they would like within it. This provides a better customer experience and saves time.

Interactive menus have many benefits over the traditional menu.  As a restaurant owner you can appreciate the power of  eye-catching promotions or events on the main page. You will no longer need to depend on wait staff to promote,  leaving them with more time to serve your guests! This feature is proven to be beneficial for increasing return on investment.

Your guests are sure to be impressed that you offer a great solution in these times.

Option 2

Our second option offers all of the great features listed above with the added benefit of adding imagery to your categories.

A great image for each category enhances the guest experience and makes the mobile menu even easier to use.

Guests can order directly from the digital menu right on their personal phone.

Option 3

This option has everything above and a few more awesome features.

Option 3 introduces high-quality images of your signature dishes. They say an image is worth a thousand words and that could not be more true than with food! Your Interactive Menu allows for an interactive experience with your guest, where they can see up-to-date specials, daily promotions and suggested dishes or sides. Along with images in the main menu guests can simply click and get the big picture of the dish with more details and even the chef’s comments. Did we mention you can switch the image for a video? Yes, that’s right!

Help Upselling

For instance, display a picture or video of a steak and garlic mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, the Interactive Menu will suggest a house salad, soup or other available options. It can also suggest wine parings or speciality cocktails. Getting the Interactive Menu will aid in boosting your sales.

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Overcome Covid-19

Interactive Menu is the perfect solution for contactless ordering, keeping your guests and staff safe. Your guests will be able to social distance, and

Benefits of Interactive Menu

Benefits of Interactive Menu: Interactive menus have many benefits over the traditional menu. The digital signage is eye-catching and proved to be beneficial for increasing

Interactive Menu

How does Interactive Menu Add Value to your Restaurant? Technology has transformed the working of today’s restaurants. Digitalization is what has taken over. Restaurants have

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